John Brandenburg

CouragEndures founder, John Brandenburg, created the platform for sharing and inspiring enduring courage after first having to come to grips with the daily challenges of type 2 diabetes. 

Prior to his diagnosis in 2011, John had watched his father die from type 2 diabetes and his mother struggle with Alzheimer’s as a result of the same condition, but remained passive about his predisposition to the condition. It wasn’t until he himself was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic that John became suddenly and intensely receptive to the reality of his health. John’s diagnosis awoke the courage within him, and he knew it was time to take control of his health.

Rather than being defeated by his diagnosis, John became empowered to take charge of his life and be fully awake from that point on. He cleaned up his diet, and exercised regularly. For John, changing his diet and making sure to bike and run regularly was how he decided to better his life and live optimally. But, despite his early efforts, John got the news that there was a blockage in his heart three months post-diagnosis, and that he would need to undergo bypass surgery at just 44 years old. Although this development was significant, the operation went very well, and he rebounded from the surgery with the same drive to optimize his health and live his best life. This positive outlook and dedication to his lifestyle choices led to John climbing his first mountain in California just six weeks after his bypass surgery.

Since his diagnosis and surgery, John tries to live each day with courage, knowing that fear can creep back into one’s life all too subtly and easily. As a result, he lives a dedicated, active life, and hopes to inspire others to seize control of their lives, and to realize that courage comes from within. He thinks all types of enduring courage should be shared, encouraged and celebrated, and hopes that CouragEndures can be a platform for just that.